wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

Why you shouldn't get a membership at Daytrotter

Until now I've been quite happy member of the Daytrotter site. However today I'd like to share my disappointment. There's a concert of Counting Crows available for download. Yay! Well... Not really. It's not available for everyone. Yon can download it ONLY if you're a new member. Or you bought a membership for someone else, as a gift.

Honestly? I'd say that you have to really take care for your existing members, so they become something of a living ad for your site. It seems that there's entirely different thinking at Daytrotter. More like: you're already with us? Great! Now move, we need to get some new people inn.

Counting Crows show is not the first time it happens. Previously you had vinyls as extras for new members. Let me do some quoting here. Daytrotter on their FB page:
'Like our vinyl promotions, existing members can Gift A Membership to a friend and keep the download for themselves.' Seriously? GIFT a membership and KEEP the download? That's hell of a gift. 'Here's your package. No worries, I got something for myself from it.'

Probably you can say that it's my bad. CC was available for pre-order. Well, I'm not carefully paying attention to all the information I get from Daytrotter. Too much of useless crap in their e-mails. "Today" this, "soon" that... And the bottom line is: someone will have the show included in their membership, but you have to pay extras.

And it's really not about the money. I donate more to one of American radio stations monthly than the annual membership at Daytrotter costs. It's about the way you're treated after you pay.

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