środa, 7 sierpnia 2013

Teaser of new Polica's album!

You may be aware that Poliça will be releasing their new album on October, the 21st (Europe) & 22nd (US), this year. If you're interested, then I got some good news for you: 'Shulamith' (that's the title of upcoming follow-up to their famous 'Give You the Ghost') teaser is on YouTube. In my opinion: that's something worth waiting for! Check it out by yourselves.

UPDATE: I haven't been posting for a while (sorry!), but if I'm already writing about new album, I might as well make this post more complete. So here's a little update, with what I didn't write last months: a tracklist and a first video off the 'Shulamith':

01 Chain My Name
02 Smug
03 Vegas
04 Warrior Lord
05 Very Cruel
06 Torre
07 Trippin
08 Tiff
09 Spilling Lines
10 Matty
11 I Need $
12 So Leave

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